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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Why choose us

Regional Advantage :

Our company is located in ‘the country of stainless steel ’,chao’an district, caitang town . This region has history of 30 years in producing and processing stainless steel products.And in the line of stainless steel products, Caitang enjoys exceptional advantages. All kind of stainless steel parts ,packing material ,processing links have professional technical support.  

Stainless steel manufacturer supplier

Technological advantage :

Since established, our company specializes in stainless steel products including die sinking and polishing .We constantly research and develop various dedicated machines. Besides, we also develop new products in according with the customers’ products scheme.  

Service advantage :

Our company has a professional team of foreign trade which not only is acquainted with every section of the process of foreign trade ,but also greatly understands products packing. We can deal with the customers delivery professionally and export our own brand .What`s more ,we have OEM for requirements of customers. By professional service and strict self-inspection ,we win the customers` trust.  

stainless steel kitchenware

Price advantage : 

We produce the goods by ourself and sell to clients directly , which can reduce the middle links to provide our customers with the most favorable price .


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