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Do you know the correct method of using stainless steel kettle?


Published by Chaozhou Chaoan Caitang Happycooking Hardware Factory May 24,2021
High quality stainless steel kettle, look simple and stylish in every kitchen or gas/ ceramic stove top.

More capacity

Save Space

More capacity: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 liter. Heats up to 6~7 cups of water. Large opening makes it easy to fill and clean the kettle. Great serve the whole family or party. Ideal for you to make your favorite hot drink including hot tea and coffee,comforting taste of your favorite herbal or green tea in just minutes. Save Space: Lightweight, thin base for efficient & even heating, use the medium flame under bottom, lift folding handle to stay cool not too hot, easy to carry, save space.
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  Stovetop whistling tea kettle,Give you like train whistles to remind you the boiled stainless steel kettle when you"re away.  

Warm note:

●When boiling water, raise the handle, keep the flame at the bottom (medium heat), wait for it to cool a little, or cover it with cloth, or wear oven gloves when handling the teapot. When you use it: ●Please keep it clean and dry after each use. ●If you meet not/ low whistling,try to do follows tips: ▷1.Make sure the water level below level line to ensure whistling. ▷2.Just adjust the screw (loosen/tight) and vibration sheet(align)on the lid. ▷3.Close the lid (spout and the top cover)tightly to ensure a normal whistle.

How to clean up the stains in the stainless steel kettle?

  Recommended to add half pot of water, 100-150g baking soda, soaking 0.5~2 hours after water boiled to remove the yellow water stain caused by changes in hard water.    

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