Reliable material non stick different size of cook sets HC-0032-C

Short Description:

The set pot is composed of multifunctional pots of different sizes, including frying pan, soup pot, etc. The pot body is made of stainless steel, which is non stick, easy to be heated and easy to clean; The pot cover is made of glass and has the characteristics of visualization.

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Product Parameters

Name: reliable material cook sets

Material: stainless steel

Item no. HC-0032-C

Size: 16/16/18/20/24/24cm

MOQ: 2 sets

Polishing effect: polish

Packing: carton

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Product Usage

The set pot includes different types of multifunctional pots to meet the daily use of families; The pot has large volume and capacity, so it is also suitable for restaurants. The soup pot has a long handle, which is easy to use and suitable for different age groups. The pot cover is glass, which can show the cooking degree of food, and is suitable for people with different cooking levels.

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Company Advantages

Our factory has strong strength and has been engaged in the stainless steel industry for nearly ten years. Stainless steel products cover pots, lunch boxes and kettles. We have skilled production staff, sincere service attitude and excellent customization ability to meet the different needs of customers.

Service Advantage
Our company has a professional team of foreign trade which not only is acquainted with every section of the process of foreign trade, but also greatly understands products packing. We can deal with the customers delivery professionally and export our own brand .What's more, we have OEM for requirements of customers. By professional service and strict self-inspection, we win the customers' trust.

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