High quality multi-layer stainless steel multi-function steamer HC-0070

Short Description:

The steamer is made of stainless steel with polishing technology. It has a smooth appearance and natural color. The steamer is multi-layer and has large capacity. The food can be cooked in separate layers. It can cook many kinds of food at one time and heat quickly.

Product Detail

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1.The handle of the set pot is double ear design, and the material is stainless steel, which is very stable, so the set pot is very easy to carry.

2.The steamer is made of high-quality stainless steel, with good thermal conductivity and uniform heating. The top layer of steamer can also be quickly heated.

3.The set pot has a variety of sizes, with two layers, three layers, four layers and five layers, which can meet a variety of customization needs.


Product Parameters

Name: cooking pots

Material: stainless steel

Item no. HC-0070

Style: modern

MOQ: 12sets

Polishing effect: polish

Packing: carton


Product Usage

The multi-layer steamer can be used to steam fish, steamed bread, sweet potato, etc. at the same time, which is suitable for many people in hotels. The pot is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is healthy for human body, stable, not easy to rust, very durable, and suitable for family use.


Company Advantages

Our factory is well-equipped and has worked in the stainless steel sector for almost ten years. Products made of stainless steel include kettles, lunchboxes, and pans. To fulfill the various needs of customers, we have a qualified manufacturing team, a true service philosophy, and strong customizing capabilities.


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