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Published by Chaozhou Chaoan Caitang Happycooking Hardware Factory April 14,2022

Meeting with customer in the website of our company. The customer is owned by P&G branch office ---GOLEE Inc.This customer sought a quotation for 3 piece stainless steel mixing bowl,which were used to promotion during the winter Olympics in Korea.Finally,we concluded the transaction successfully with several sample confirmation, color confirmation and quality testing. Moreover,we not only satisfied all customer’s requirements ,but also won plaudits from customer. The customer"s request is as follows:

  1. confirm the order.
  2. The thickness of the bag0.4mm)

As specific thickness of the pp bag needs to be customized by the bag factory.Through multiple consultation ,we reached agreement with outsourcing bag factory aimed at customer’s special demand.

  1. Print safety warning.

The bag company has MOQ to specific bag printed safety warming logo about the number of 100 thousand.Though conducted Korea market survey,we found out that it was so normal to the application of sticker in packaging . In view of economizing customer’s purchase cost , reducing time and energy,our company provided alternative solution, which applied safety-warming stickers to the bag.

  1. Spray the color of products

Customer pointed out color choice .Color difference in the whole stainless steel industry is unable to make the same color.however,considering the goods customer purchased as presented,it must had great requirement in package. We tried our best to make the colors are tested several times, the sample is sent out, the color is confirmed, and the final color is green, yellow and pink.

  1. Third party inspection

Sent the revised samples,ensured that bulk production was consistent with sample. After the completion of the large goods, the customer provides a third party to inspect our factory for sampling inspection.The final result is pass.

  1. Delivery goods

Confirm the address, delivery time and goods successfully. 7.Collaboration stainless steel kitchenware

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